July 2020 Hyperspace Points Tracker

Finally, with only a couple days to spare FFG has graced us with the new points update. Amusingly they went to great pains to sidestep any mention of online play (via Tabletop Simulator, VASSAL and FlyCasual) in their various articles, but gave us the points we wanted anyways. So without further ado, here is the updated hyperspace points tracker:

If there are any typos, please do message me on reddit or discord. I am u/DoctorNsara on reddit and Nsara#7326 on Discord.

Another thing I would like to make a note of here is the FFG statement from their “Adjust Squad Specs” article:

Nothing will be removed from Hyperspace in July. We want to give players a chance to use Hyperspace lists they may have built but not had a chance to play yet.

However, some new elements will be added to Hyperspace in July to keep the game mode fresh. Players should note that this is an exception to our usual process. Normally, we would not add content during the twice-yearly updates without rotating out other content, but because many players haven’t yet had a chance to use lists they built in the first half of the year, we don’t want to cut people’s options at this point. Some content will rotate out of Hyperspace again in the next update.

Points changes will be incremental and focused on conclusions we can draw from existing data, especially that coming from the second half of 2019.

“Adjust Squad Specs” by FFG

Personally, I think the hyperspace format should stay around the size that it is currently, maybe paring it back a bit, but keeping a decent amount of options for each faction. It remains to be seen what will happen in the next hyperspace rotation, but I am hoping we keep a nice variety of ships to choose from now that that the smallest factions are getting a jump in ship numbers (those being CIS, Republic and First Order respectively)

Now we all wait to see what the X-Wing livestream will show us

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