X-Wing Storage Dividers v2

This is version 2 of my X-Wing storage dividers project. The last one was posted in March and lacked ship symbols for the most recent releases, and a bunch of other ships. These dividers will fit any standard card storage boxes, but are pictured in the BCW card storage boxes that many local game stores sell. They can be trimmed down easily if you need smaller, but they are a bit big since those boxes have wiggle room for sleeved cards.

X-wing Ship/Upgrade Dividers

To get the variegated colors, I loaded 4 different colors in at the top of the paper tray (top papers print first) which makes things look a bit more interesting. Recently my X-wing binder full of upgrades started falling apart, and a few of the card sleeves started getting full of dust and gunk, as … Continue reading X-wing Ship/Upgrade Dividers

DIY 3D Asteroids + Looking for Writers!

Hello! And Welcome back to Friday Night X-Wing! Today, we will be looking at how you can pimp out your next game with 3D asteroid props! We all use asteroids and debris clouds in our games, but sometimes seeing those 2D tokens is simply not enough... you crave a little more! Hopefully, this tutorial will … Continue reading DIY 3D Asteroids + Looking for Writers!