First Edition Deals Ep. II: Rebels

Updated prices 8/23

For those who skipped the first article, this is the second of a series of articles on finding good deals on 1.0 ships on the cheap. Check out the previous article here, as there is quite a bit of overlap between the Scum & Villainy faction and the Rebels: updated 8/23 9/26

Part 1: Conversion Kit

The first and arguably most important thing one will need when getting a bunch of deals on 1st Edition ships is one will need to acquire a Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. These sell for the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $49.99 USD Currently, but can be had at significantly cheaper prices at various retailers. They come with the cards and cardboard for the following ships:

Rebel Conversion Kit
  • 3 RZ-1 A-Wings
  • 2 ARC-170s
  • 2 Auzituck Gunships
  • 2 B-Wings
  • 2 E-Wings
  • 2 Ghosts/VCX-100s
  • 2 HWK-290s
  • 2 K-Wings
  • 2 Millenium Falcon/YT-1300s
  • 2 Phantom I/Attack Shuttles
  • 2 Phantom II/Sheathipede Shuttles
  • 2 Sabine’s TIE Fighters
  • 2 U-Wings
  • 2 X-Wings
  • 2 Y-Wings
  • 2 YT-2400s
  • 4 Z-95 Headhunters

The first number is how many ships you have the bits for, cards, cardboard etc. Just like the Scum conversion kit, pretty much every ship will have 4+ pilots for them with at least 2 unique named pilots, and as many generic pilots (for example 2x Phoenix Squadron Pilots for the RZ-1 A-Wing) as you have conversions for. The conversion kit also includes pretty much all the upgrade cards that were converted from 1.0, giving you everything you need to start in 2.0 with your faction… other than the ships themselves.

Currently these are some of the best prices I have scouted out for conversion kits online:

Part 2: Sourcing

As in the previous article, this guide is primarily for US based people, but most of the ships that show up cheaply here will be cheaply available elsewhere. Also a note:

Always buy from your local game stores when you can, especially if they have ANY sort of sale. If you can’t find a steep discount, buy it or order it from your Local Game Store, because Amazon isn’t going to provide you with table space, a community and events.

someone wise, probably
  • MiniatureMarket – St. Louis based hobby store with a large online store and great sales
  • CoolStuffInc – large online retailer that owns several storefronts in the US. Sells slightly below retail prices, doesn’t often do sales and restocks rarely.
  • Ebay – great discounted prices sold by many individual sellers and some hobby stores, tends to fluctuate more often. Bids will require paying attention to, Buy It Now prices may not show shipping costs and things sell out often. Ebay may have the best prices, but it is often best to avoid sellers that are new and possibly less trustworthy, though Ebay will often refund you if you get ripped off.
  • Amazon – faceless corporate sales giant that often has cheap prices on things. Consider buying elsewhere if the prices aren’t that much better, as MiniatureMarket and Coolstuffinc at least have actual store fronts in various places.

There are many other websites that sell things, but these are sites I have personally done a lot of business with, and know are fairly reputable, and if a seller under ebay or amazon rips you off, you can often get a refund.

Part 3: Best Deals

This section is gonna have Rebel specific ships listed at the top, and then I will mention scum cross faction ships near the end. Do note that there are many ships that are just very difficult to find 1st Edition printings of, and will probably be well over MSRP, such as Sabine’s TIE Fighter, the Attack Shuttle, E-Wing, K-Wing, Auzituck Gunship, and YT-2400. There are also ships that are cheaper to get 2.0 versions of, such as the RZ-1 A-Wing, Ghost and ARC-170, these may have 1.0 exclusive paintjobs such as the A-Wing and ARC-170 that will reportedly no longer be available.

Do note: this is not a guide that is concentrating on getting you tournament lists, this is about low prices and high discounts. Finding good lists to run is something I leave to wiser heads than my own. This section will be updated at least several times progress.

The date of the last update to this section was Aug 6th

Saw’s Renegades

MSRP 1E: $39.95 First Released 2018
MSRP 2E: $39.95 First Released 2018

Saw’s Renegades is a bit of a weird story. It is an “aces pack” (2 ships that come with new pilots/upgrades etc) that came out alongside the TIE Reaper at the end of 1st edition with both 1st and 2nd Edition content, but the 2nd edition content had… quite a few typos or formatting issues. Mostly they can be overlooked, but Saw’s Renegades is also the only source of many T-65 X-Wing and U-Wing pilots, as well as several upgrades, so you probably will want one of these packs eventually, possibly even a couple if you want to run 5 Cavern Angel Zealot X-Wings (it only comes with 2). With the cancellation of a 2.0 reprint of the box, some of these cards may be hard to come by in a year or so. You might also keep in mind that this box gives you a really nice looking partisan paintjob version of an X-Wing and a U-Wing that can be had nowhere else.

T-65 X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing - X-Wing Expansion Pack

MSRP 1E: $14.95 – First Released 2012
MSRP 2E: $19.95

Your Standard T-65 X-Wing is a great ship to have multiples of. You will have at least one with your Core Set, and your conversion kit gives you all the cardboard required to outfit 2 more, which is a start to a pretty solid list. Currently you can fit up to 5 X-Wings in a 200 point list, which is actually quite a bit of fun. A downside is that the 1.0 models do not have moving S-foils, but in this case that might be better, as the X-Wing S-foils are often a bit loose and can sometimes fall apart.

A/SF-01 B-Wing

MSRP 1E: $14.95 – First Released 2013
MSRP 2E: $19.95

Star Wars: X-Wing - B-Wing Expansion Pack

The B-Wing is an interesting ship that is somewhat divisive. Its dial is… not good in many ways but it is interesting. Slow, cumbersome but very beefy, the B-Wing has received a post-launch retrofit in the form of an S-foils configuration. You will, unfortunately only be able to get the config via the Hotshots & Aces pack ($19.95 MSRP), but you will get two of them, which is conveniently just as many conversions as you will have.

A downside here like the X-Wing is the 2nd Edition model has moving S-Foils, which are really cool, even if they do not impact gameplay at all. The 1.0 model does not.

YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon)

MSRP 1E: $29.95 – First Released 2012
MSRP 2E: $39.95

There are… a LOT of options for this storied ship, with a completely separate model for the Scum version, and a slightly different model for the Resistance version (different radar dish, still playable as Rebels unless you are going against a snob). The Falcon is an excellent ship for a newer player as it has high health, its “bowtie arc” gives you a lot of flexibility for combat, and it taking up most of your squad points is not a bad thing, as it means there are less things to mentally juggle during your match. Plus it makes for a great display piece. You might also consider looking for a “Heroes of the Resistance” pack, which comes with a T-70 X-Wing that retails for only slightly more.

Honorable Mentions & Scum Ships

Miniature Market in particular has quite a few 1.0 ships at 40% off, including the Z-95, U-Wing, and Sheathipede Shuttle, though these ships can be found in other packs as well. Amazon and Ebay also have some good prices, but their prices tend to fluctuate quite a bit such as the legendary $7 YV-666s (sold out) and $4 Quadjumpers (up to $11.96).

If you are new to X-Wing, or are expanding your collection considerably, there are 3 of the most commonly run ships in both factions that use exactly the same models, can can be freely used for either (Y-Wing, Z-95 and HWK-290) and you might consider buying into both factions to be the true Rebel Scum.

Regardless, go check my recently updated Scummy Deals article for the lowdown on those 3 ships. You will probably want to get a “Most Wanted” Pack for its extreme value if nothing else.

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