X-Wing Unified Room Survey + Community Updates

Been a minute since I have posted an update, and I figured I would drop a bunch of upcoming info out there: X-Wing Unified Mod New Room?Tin Squadron Charity TournamentX-Wing Survey IV UpdateUpcoming Squad Pack Releases X-Wing Unified Mod getting a new room? CrazyVulcan, our good friend and one of the developers for the X-Wing … Continue reading X-Wing Unified Room Survey + Community Updates

X-Wing Storage Dividers v2

This is version 2 of my X-Wing storage dividers project. The last one was posted in March and lacked ship symbols for the most recent releases, and a bunch of other ships. These dividers will fit any standard card storage boxes, but are pictured in the BCW card storage boxes that many local game stores sell. They can be trimmed down easily if you need smaller, but they are a bit big since those boxes have wiggle room for sleeved cards.

The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!

Hello everyone, I am running out of summer, but the Summer 2020 X-Wing survey is now released. This edition we are covering some general topics, but especially Covid-19Online PlayFactions (as every other survey)Hopes and Dreams for future content and more! Only 20 questions to answer, although you may need to check your YASB/LaunchBay Next collections … Continue reading The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!