Alternate Art Cards

Google Drive Link to both Horizontal and Vertical Ones:

Horizontal Template made by Reddit User kirk007 and the vertical template was inspired by Reddit Users kirk007 and Hollowsong’s Alt Art cards.

Alternate Art Cards Template (Vertical):

Alternate Wing Cards

Topps Trading Card Style

In order to print them, you can either print them onto existing cards or you have the option of printing them with Each image is perfectly scaled for their printing services! For some cards, I had envisioned them to be placed on foil backs, so I recommend checking out this tutorial if you want to do the same thing!

Custom Scenarios & Missions

Battle of Yavin

Custom 3D Models:

Turbolaser Turret (Remote version):

Turbolaser Turret (My Original Model):

Deflection Shield Tower:

Custom Expansions


Ground Assault

NEW! Ground Assault V2:

Here are download links to the 3D models of the components for those who have a 3D Printer

AT-AT with Base:

AT-ST with Base:

Custom Movement Tools:

Obstacle Tokens:

Other turrets and props:


The download link below will give you the Core Rules, Unit Reference Guide, Mission Booklet, Companion Guide, and Wave 1 cards (AT-AT, AT-ST, T-47 Airspeeder).

Ground Assault is a custom expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures game. We are introducing a new way to play the game by having our Starfighters take to the skies and attack enemy strong holds as well as go face to face with all-new “Ground Forces” units! This custom expansion was heavily inspired by the classic Rogue Squadron video games on Nintendo 64 and GameCube, as well as the EA Battlefront games and the countless Star Wars novels and comic books from both Canon and Legends!

The Ground Assault Rule Book and Companion Piece will be updated constantly as FFG releases new content as well as when we receive feedback for our rules and mechanics. We will also be releasing custom expansions for Ground Assault with new vehicles, buildings, structures, including new missions and scenarios. For terrain and prop related content, you can look to the Planet of the Week posts on Friday Night X-Wing!

AT-AT 3D Base:

3D Models

Recently, I have been working on 3D models that can be printed and used in the game! I work on them on my spare time and upload them all on Thingiverse for everyone to use. We also have some designs up on Shapeways for purchase (these models will be printed and shipped to you by the Shapeways service). If you’d like to support me, you can send me a “tip” via Thingiverse! I can also do requests, simply send an email to

Weisguy119’s Download Corner

Here is Weisguy119’s custom cards for Epic Ships and other custom vehicles for the game. Most of the cards and ideas are his but there were a few that were borrowed from other users across the web. If you recognize any of your own work, let us know and we will give you the proper credit you deserve! These are all meant for 1.0 of the Game but it can easily be converted to the 2.0 game format!

Note: The Nebulon-B Frigate has an identical dial to the Arquitens-Class Command Cruiser, the TIE Defender Elite and Inferno Squad TIE use standard TIE Defender and TIE Fighter dials, Gideon Hask uses the standard TIE Interceptor dial, the TIE Scout uses the standard TIE Bomber dial, and the TIE Vanguard uses the standard TIE Fighter dial.

Card Backs, Dial Covers, and Bases:

Base Indicators for the Small Ships:

Instructions for Setting Up your Epic Units: We recommend using either CorSec Engineering’s Acrylic Bases or using wood or mil-board.

The famous Hammerhead Corvette as seen in Rogue One