Fall 2021 X-Wing Mini Survey Infographics

I have just finished the infographics for this Fall's mini survey which covered what new ships people want added to X-Wing Miniatures and player reactions to the newly revealed rules concepts such as random player order and deficit scoring. We had 539 people respond to this one, so its definitely one of the smallest ones, … Continue reading Fall 2021 X-Wing Mini Survey Infographics

X-Wing Miniatures Survey V: The Statistics Strike Back Infographics

After a lengthy delay I have finished the fifth X-Wing Survey's infographics. With this edition we are going back and comparing the results from this Summer 2021 survey to results from previous surveys, especially the Spring 2020 survey that focused on player demographics. I have arranged many questions so this summer's results are shown alongside results from 2020 so that they can be compared, and I have compiled a timeline of primary factions for the entire duration of my survey series (all 5 of em!)

X-Wing Survey Ep. V: The Statistics Strike Back!

It has now been over a year since I started doing X-Wing Surveys, and we are going to commemorate that by comparing survey data from previous surveys. This latest survey consists of many questions from the Spring 2020 survey, but with hopefully a much increased audience size. Stores are reopening, people are getting vaccinated and … Continue reading X-Wing Survey Ep. V: The Statistics Strike Back!

X-Wing Survey IV: A New Hope

After much delay, I have finally gotten those infographics done for the most recent X-Wing Survey, the Popularity Contest edition and am planning on starting a new one, now that we are starting to see in person play begin once again. I apologize for the 6+ months delay in getting infographics out, but unfortunately my … Continue reading X-Wing Survey IV: A New Hope

X-Wing Unified Room Survey + Community Updates

Been a minute since I have posted an update, and I figured I would drop a bunch of upcoming info out there: X-Wing Unified Mod New Room?Tin Squadron Charity TournamentX-Wing Survey IV UpdateUpcoming Squad Pack Releases X-Wing Unified Mod getting a new room? CrazyVulcan, our good friend and one of the developers for the X-Wing … Continue reading X-Wing Unified Room Survey + Community Updates

X-Wing Storage Dividers v2

This is version 2 of my X-Wing storage dividers project. The last one was posted in March and lacked ship symbols for the most recent releases, and a bunch of other ships. These dividers will fit any standard card storage boxes, but are pictured in the BCW card storage boxes that many local game stores sell. They can be trimmed down easily if you need smaller, but they are a bit big since those boxes have wiggle room for sleeved cards.