Scenario: The Train Job

Repairs, fuel, and weapons all get pretty expensive. How's a nice young Rebellion or smuggling crew to get the money to keep the ships running? Well, the Empire surely wouldn't miss one little train loaded with valuable proton warheads, would they? This scenario gives you, a scummy smuggler or hopeful Rebel commander, the chance to … Continue reading Scenario: The Train Job

Ground Combat IV: Planets and the World of Star Wars

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Part 4 of the Ground Combat series! In this article we are gonna take a quick look at the various planets and terrains in the Star Wars Universe, as well as some basic world building! Planet Basics What is interesting about the planets in Star Wars is that  … Continue reading Ground Combat IV: Planets and the World of Star Wars

Ground Combat III: Ground Units

  The Concept Ground unit rules, for us, take a few pages out of Armada's rulebook, as well as X-wing's. For those of us that play both games, that means that we treat the majority of ground units like Armada's fighters, meaning that unlike ships/fighters in X-wing, ground units typically have no facing or need … Continue reading Ground Combat III: Ground Units

Ground Combat II: Structures & Emplacements

Little Side Note, Part 1 of this series gained some new and updated rules and I would recommend checking that out before reading Part 2. Thank You so much! Welcome to Part 2 of the Ground Combat mini-series! In this article we will gloss over the role of specific structures/objectives and soon, we will be … Continue reading Ground Combat II: Structures & Emplacements

Ground Combat I: The Basics

One thing I really loved about the old EU was the Rogue Squadron video games. The games were produced by Lucasarts and Factor 5 in the late 90s and early 2000s as a sort of counter-part to the pre-existing space combat simulation games such as X-Wing: Alliance and TIE Fighter. In these games, not only did … Continue reading Ground Combat I: The Basics

The Grey: a.k.a. Death Star Terrain

Hey, folks! Here's a quick counterpart to our Battle of Yavin scenario. A lot of people have purchased Death Star game mats/tiles, but a lot of us (myself included) just have to cobble together some stuff for Death Star scenarios. Personally, while the trench run is classic, I can't justify the expense of a mat … Continue reading The Grey: a.k.a. Death Star Terrain

Born to Lose or: How I Learned to Ignore the Meta and Love Asymmetric Combat

X-wing is a tactical wargame, meaning that, unlike Risk or Axis & Allies, it doesn't concern itself with the logistics and resources of prolonged combat, beyond the initial points cost of the units & upgrades themselves. The squadrons of fighters and freighters we fly don't represent the larger war (we have Armada and Rebellion for that), but critical junctures of … Continue reading Born to Lose or: How I Learned to Ignore the Meta and Love Asymmetric Combat