X-wing Ship/Upgrade Dividers

To get the variegated colors, I loaded 4 different colors in at the top of the paper tray (top papers print first) which makes things look a bit more interesting.

Recently my X-wing binder full of upgrades started falling apart, and a few of the card sleeves started getting full of dust and gunk, as tends to happen at some point from all the pulling cards out and quickly shoving them back in, and I was faced with the question of buying MORE card sleeve pages, or finding a different means to store them, as I own all three OT (Original Trilogy) factions, and it is quite a mess of cards…

Cards that slide out the top of the card sleeve pages if the binder is placed with even the slightest bit of force upside down (as happens when I take it somewhere besides my bookshelf quite often). I decided there must be a better way, so I went and bought card boxes from a Local Game Store.

Card boxes mean that your various ships and upgrade cards can be packed MUCH more densely, but the problem is keeping them sorted nicely and readily accessible. There are professionally created options for this, where you can buy 3D printed or Acrylic etched upgrade dividers out there, but those cost upwards of $25.

I decided on a more low-tech and low-cost solution, by making my own.

Instructions to Print your Own:

Note: these only cover all upgrade types and the Rebels, Empire and Scum factions. If there is interest, I will make a document for the Sequel and Prequel factions as well.

Step 1: Buy the appropriate amount of Card storage boxes.

For myself, who owns the conversion kits for all 3 OT factions, as well as a half dozen 2.0 ships, a 500 count BCW box was big enough for all of my upgrades, and a second 500 count box was more than enough for all my Pilot/Ship cards, with room for at least 2 more factions.

Step 2: Download this PDF of all the dividers: (updated to add A4 paper size versions and prequel/sequel factions)

Step 3: Print the pages you need single sided onto cardstock.

Make sure you do not print them double sided if using a home printer, most will not work with double sided printing on cardstock. This is why the tabs are repeated on a single side, also many home printers have tons of issues with aligning things on double sided printing.

If you only want upgrades, print pages 1-4 of the Rebel/Empire/Scum document only. If you can, load a different color for each of these pages, (the top 4 sheets you load into the printer) and you will get different colors as shown above.

If you want specific factions only, the Rebels/Empire and Scum are on their own document along with the upgrades.

  • Empire ships are on pages 5-6 (with the VT-49 on page 4 due to lack of space)
  • Rebel ships are on 7 and 8
  • Multi-faction ships such as Z-95s, the HWK-290 and ARC-170 are on page 9
  • Scum ships are on pages 10 and 11

For the Sequel/Prequel factions, print from the Sequel/Prequel factions document

  • Page 1 is all the CIS ships
  • Page 2 is all the Republic ships
  • Page 3 and 4 are Resistance Ships (with only the YT-1300 on page 4)
  • Page 4 is all First Order Ships

Step 4: Cut out all the dividers and then fold over the tabs on the top so they can be read from either side. Optionally, you can also glue both sides of the tabs together. I might do this myself… eventually. Also don’t worry too much about cutting the dividers out perfectly, there is plenty of wiggle room in most card storage boxes.

You are then done!

I know there is nothing for the Republic, CIS, Resistance or First Order factions now, but if people ask, I will make a separate document for them as well.

For the second box, I loaded a different color in for each faction, as well as a different color for multifaction ships. As you can kinda see, there is TONS of room in the box, with me using a deckbox as a spacer here, you can easily fit two more factions of ships in a 500 count box.

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