The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!

Hello everyone, I am running out of summer, but the Summer 2020 X-Wing survey is now released. This edition we are covering some general topics, but especially Covid-19Online PlayFactions (as every other survey)Hopes and Dreams for future content and more! Only 20 questions to answer, although you may need to check your YASB/LaunchBay Next collections … Continue reading The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!

April 2020 X-wing Survey

Once again, as in January I am now opening an X-wing miniatures survey for the general playerbase to... learn stuff. The questions in this survey are more demographics based and looking into what people are interested in as far as future game expansions this round. In future surveys I will also change up the topic(s) … Continue reading April 2020 X-wing Survey

Jan 2020 X-wing Miniatures Interest Survey

A few weeks ago I put forth a somewhat long survey to the denizens of the XwingTMG subreddit and several X-wing related discord servers. 943 responses later I closed the survey and made some pretty infographics with the data, which is... kinda interesting to see. TIE Defenders as the favorite ship? People apparently LOVE non … Continue reading Jan 2020 X-wing Miniatures Interest Survey