First Edition Deals Ep. I: Scum

Article updated 8/23 9/16

There are many out there who are just starting out in X-Wing Miniatures, or have found that they have a lot more ship conversions than they have ships in Second edition. This is the first of hopefully a few that will help find the best deals on 1.0 ships as there is quite a lot of 1.0 stock out there that can be had for clearance prices

A conversion kit can help you slingshot your collection from nothing to a formidable force in a faction for quite cheap. When possible, do try your best to buy from local game stores, especially when buying 2.0 product, as game stores need product to sell for them to stay interested in stocking X-Wing products, but this particular guide is going to delve deep into online marketplaces in the interest of assembling or upgrading a Scum fleet on the cheap.

Scum is a true grab bag of ship types, abilities and strategies, and it is one of the factions that offers the most cross-faction options, meaning if you buy into them, many of your ships will also be available to fly with a Rebel Conversion kit, making those two factions the best value. Just under the ship names in part 2 will be a note on if the ship(s) are cross-faction capable.

Part 1: Conversion Kit

First off, you will need to get a conversion kit for the Scum & Villainy faction. the MSRP for these is $50 and they contain enough cards and cardboard to convert the following:

See the source image
  • 2 – Hound’s Tooth
  • 2 – HWK-290
  • 2 – IG-2000
  • 3 – Kihraxz Fighter
  • 2 – Kimogila Fighter
  • 4 – M3-A Interceptor
  • 2 – Mist Hunter
  • 3 – Protectorate Starfighter (Fang Fighter)
  • 2 – Punishing One
  • 3 – Quadjumper
  • 2 – Scurrg H-6 Bomber
  • 2 – Shadow Caster
  • 2 – Slave I
  • 2 – StarViper
  • 2 – Y-wing
  • 4 – Z-95 Headhunter

The first number is how many ships you have the bits for, not all the other fun stuff. Most ships have 4 or more pilots for them, and you will have as many copies of generic pilots as is listed (so for example, you will get 4 copies of each generic M3-a inteceptor pilot). This is an excellent deal. So much so, that I have my suspicions that FFG is not going to do many reprints of the conversion kits after 2020, so it is my humble opinion that you get any conversions you want sooner rather than later, as what remaining 1st edition stock there is can often be had for 40% off or more, which makes it well worth getting a conversion kit if you are buying 4+ ships.

Currently you can get a Scum & Villainy conversion kit for well below the $50 standard price, and here are a few options I found myself:

Part 2: Sourcing

To start, this guide is primarily for US based people, but the strategies found here can be easily adopted to local purchasing. There are quite a few websites that sell online gaming products at discount prices, and I will be the first to admit that I am not familiar with most of them outside of the United States. Do keep this in mind as we proceed.

These are a few of the best places to find good prices for 1.0 X-Wing stuff and necessary things like conversion kits. I would advise

  • Ebay – great discounted prices sold by many individual sellers and some hobby stores, tends to fluctuate more often. Bids will require paying attention to, and things sell out often. Ebay may have the best prices, but it is often best to avoid sellers that are new and possibly less trustworthy, though Ebay will often refund you if you get ripped off.
  • MiniatureMarket – St. Louis based hobby store with a large online store and great sales
  • CoolStuffInc – large online retailer that owns several storefronts in the US. Sells slightly below retail prices, doesn’t often do sales
  • Amazon – faceless corporate sales giant that often has cheap prices on things. Consider buying elsewhere if the prices aren’t that much better.

There are many other websites that sell things, but these are sites I have personally done a lot of business with, and know are reputable.

Part 3: Best Deals

If you are starting out as a prospective scum player, there are a lot of things people will tell you as far as what to buy. Many will point out that the Firespray (Boba Fett’s Slave 1) is an excellent ship that most scum players will want, along with Fang Fighters, but personally, I am all about efficiency, so let me do the work for you and find a few recent deals

This list is updated as of July 24th Aug 5th Sept 16

See the source image

1. Most Wanted Expansion

MSRP 1E: $40 USD – First Released 2014 – x-faction with Rebels
MSRP 2E: Not available

This is probably one of the best value expansions to look for, as it gets you 2 Z-95 Headhunters with the Black Sun paintjob and a Scum paintjob Y-Wing. With an MSRP of $30, they can be found for 40% off or more. FFG has also said that they may not be reprinting the paintjobs from 1.0 special packs like these, so 1.0 packs might be the only way to get these scummy looking ships.

2. Lando’s Millenium Falcon

MSRP 1E: N/A – First Released 2018 – No cross faction
MSRP 2E: $40 USD

Probably the only 2.0 release to make this list, these seem to be selling for really cheap for some reason. Lando’s Falcon also technically includes two different ships, as it also includes the Escape Craft.

I have personally bought from the seller, as have several others and got my ship and so have several others, they are a reputable seller seem to be some sort of overstock/liquidation firm.

You can also remove the escape craft and probably play it as a rebel falcon at a kitchen table game just fine, though nobody will allow it at a tournament.

3. Quadjumpers

MSRP 1E: $15 USD – First Released 2016 – No cross faction
MSRP 2E: Not Available

A ship that many people might not recognize, as it was only featured for a few seconds in The Force Awakens, they a slow, but fairly maneuverable dial and the unique ability to tractor beam enemies (and friends) with an action, Quadjumpers can be an interesting addition to your Scum & Villainy fleet. They make good filler ships, and theres something delightfully devilish about scooping up your friend’s small based ship and depositing them on an asteroid or debris field. Note 8/23: buy these suckers quick, as they are shooting up steadily in price.

4. The Moldy Crow (HWK-290)

Star Wars: X-Wing - HWK-290 Expansion Pack

MSRP 1E: $15 USD – First Released 2013 – x-faction with Rebel Alliance
MSRP 2E: Not Available

A tiny light freighter introduced to us by Star Wars: Dark Forces, the HWK-290 is often used to support its allies by being annoying to enemies, having effects ranging from lowering an enemy’s initiative value to 0, stealing green tokens or buffing ion turrets. Don’t let this ship’s low health of 5 undersell it, as a scum player you will hopefully make it well worth its points.

5. The Shadow Caster (Lancer-class Pursuit Craft)

Star Wars: X-Wing - Shadow Caster Expansion Pack (On Sale)

MSRP 1E: $40 USD – First Released 2016 – No Cross Faction
MSRP 2E: Not available

No, this ship isn’t a Star Trek ship, it is actually the Lancer-class pursuit craft, favored ship of bounty hunters Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars) and Ketsu Onyo (Rebels), and others. It has a unique dial that destresses you on all 3 speed maneuvers and the chassis plays a lot with tractor beam tokens, as well as having a 2 dice turret arc AND a 3 dice primary weapon, you have a lot of options here.

6. The IG-2000 (Aggressor Assault Fighter)

MSRP 1E: $40 USD – First Released 2014 – No Cross Faction
MSRP 2E: Not Available

A truly odd ship, even for Scum players, IG-88 is a droid bounty hunter with other copies of himself as Crew and additional Pilots who all get stronger the more of them there are. The Aggressor itself has one of the greenest dials out there with blue 1-2 and 3 banks and straights, as well as segnor’s loops and a 4 K-turn. This is a ship that you may want to buy 2 of to get the most of it, so I rate it not very high in the list of “Things you should buy”, but “Brobots” lists can be tons of fun to play.

7. The Mist Hunter (G1-A Starfighter)

MSRP 1E: $20 USD – First Released 2017 – No cross faction
MSRP 2E: Not available

Like many Scum ships, the G1-A is kinda gimmicky, and its cool tricks revolve around its named pilots. Zuckuss can shoot a 4 die primary (normally 3) if you let the defender roll an additional defense die and 4-LOM can use his very stressful dial to gain a stress, and then give his stress to someone else at range 0-1 at the end phase. Both are fun, but this is not a terribly necessary ship to own, and I know of nobody who has more than one, as medium ships don’t work in swarms, and with only 1 agility, they often die quickly.

8. The Hound’s Tooth (YV-666 Freighter)

Star Wars: X-Wing - Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack

MSRP 1E: $40 USD – First Released 2015 – No cross faction
MSRP 2E: $50 (also comes with a Z-95) – Released 2020

A beefy 12 health ship with a rare 180 degree 3 dice forward firing arc, this ship hits like a truck but moves like a dumpster, the YV-666 has several interesting pilots that mitigate that weakness and a title that allows you to dock a Z-95 as an escape pod, it makes for an interesting ship that can be customized heavily via its large amounts of upgrade slots. Note: the 1.0 release does not come with a Z-95.

9. M12-L Kimogila Fighter

Star Wars: X-Wing - M12-L Kimogila Fighter Expansion Pack

MSRP 1E: $20 USD – First Released 2017 – No cross faction
MSRP 2E: Not Available

A medium based ship that hasn’t seemed to quite find a niche in Second Edition, it nonetheless has great potential, as the ship’s special ability forbids a defender to modify their defense dice with green tokens if you catch them in your bullseye arc. Some expect the chassis will get a buff at some point, and it is only available in 1E boxes.


I will try to keep this list up to date with periodic updates, so do check the top of section 3 to see how updated it is. I fully expect some of these ships will sell out, or become rare enough to jump up dramatically in price, as that is already happening with many expansions. There is also the fact that many ships can only be had by buying 1.0 models, like over half of them. FFG has also said that reprints are no longer a high priority.

All 1.0 ships are converted with the kits, but currently these ships ONLY have a 1.0 release:

  • Aggressor Assault Fighter
  • G-1A Starfighter
  • HWK-290 Light Freighter
  • Kihraxz Fighter
  • Lancer-class pursuit craft
  • M12-L Kimogila fighter
  • Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug
  • Scurrg H-6 Bomber
  • StarViper-class Attack Platform
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing (there is no scum version released

Guns for Hire ships with their cool paintjobs are already more expensive than MSRP for a single ship, and Star Wings are averaging $50 or more for a ship that retailed at $15. TIE-Aggressors also are just… not even available for purchase from Amazon or Ebay.

Currently it is very much a buyer’s market for those with conversion kits, so get your deals while the getting is good.

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