July 2020 Hyperspace Points Tracker

Finally, with only a couple days to spare FFG has graced us with the new points update. Amusingly they went to great pains to sidestep any mention of online play (via Tabletop Simulator, VASSAL and FlyCasual) in their various articles, but gave us the points we wanted anyways. So without further ado, here is the … Continue reading July 2020 Hyperspace Points Tracker

First Edition Deals Ep. I: Scum

Article updated 8/23 9/16 There are many out there who are just starting out in X-Wing Miniatures, or have found that they have a lot more ship conversions than they have ships in Second edition. This is the first of hopefully a few that will help find the best deals on 1.0 ships as there … Continue reading First Edition Deals Ep. I: Scum

The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!

Hello everyone, I am running out of summer, but the Summer 2020 X-Wing survey is now released. This edition we are covering some general topics, but especially Covid-19Online PlayFactions (as every other survey)Hopes and Dreams for future content and more! Only 20 questions to answer, although you may need to check your YASB/LaunchBay Next collections … Continue reading The Summer 2020 X-Wing Survey is now open!