Super Star Wars-io Kart!

Hello there, yet again readers, been awhile since we on the blog have made an update, so I figure I would share what I am currently working on, (besides the massive Rebel Cell update). A little simple homebrew racing format for casual play! Recently I had a session with my Rebel Cell group where the … Continue reading Super Star Wars-io Kart!

Jan 2020 X-wing Miniatures Interest Survey

A few weeks ago I put forth a somewhat long survey to the denizens of the XwingTMG subreddit and several X-wing related discord servers. 943 responses later I closed the survey and made some pretty infographics with the data, which is... kinda interesting to see. TIE Defenders as the favorite ship? People apparently LOVE non … Continue reading Jan 2020 X-wing Miniatures Interest Survey

Introducing Doctor Nsara & a bunch of “Pretty Pixels”

Hello everyone, I am known as Doctor Nsara on the internets, and I am going to be a new contributor here on Friday Night X-wing! I dabble a bit in graphic design, and am a big fan of the X-wing Miniatures game, and will be utilizing my skills to make various fun content for people … Continue reading Introducing Doctor Nsara & a bunch of “Pretty Pixels”