X-Wing Unified Room Survey + Community Updates

Been a minute since I have posted an update, and I figured I would drop a bunch of upcoming info out there:

  • X-Wing Unified Mod New Room?
  • Tin Squadron Charity Tournament
  • X-Wing Survey IV Update
  • Upcoming Squad Pack Releases

X-Wing Unified Mod getting a new room?

CrazyVulcan, our good friend and one of the developers for the X-Wing Unified Tabletop Simulator mod is looking at making a new room for the mod. What that means is having a cool new background for the table to be set in as an alternative to the generic starfield we have now.

This could mean playing in Palpatine’s Office, at the strategy table at Yavin IV, playing on the briefing table of Home One, or Grand Admiral Snoke’s throne room. Only one of these options can be fully realized though, so take the poll:


Tin Squadron Charity Tournament: Balance of the Force

Tin Squadron is doing a big charity tournament that is free to enter, has prize support and all donations go towards the Cornwall Air Ambulance

Those who are interested should check out the Tabletop.to page:


and also check out their discord server:


X-Wing Survey IV Update

As many people know, I ran a survey in the Fall for peoples’ favorite ships, but unfortunately right around the time when it concluded, my computer decided to die, and it took several months to diagnose what was wrong and fix it (hard drive failed, buncha stuff got messed up).

This unfortunately meant I lost all progress on my survey infographics, and also lost access to my copy of Adobe Illustrator CS6. I had tried doing infographics using Microsoft Office, but after 8+ hours of work, I gave that up. Office is not a good design environment.

I have recently bought and have been learning how to use Affinity Designer, and have started redoing the survey from the ground up, as it is significantly different from Adobe Illustrator, and am hoping I can get those infographics done soon… but midterms are next week, so they are on the back burner for awhile. I will get them done though!

I just have been taking my time as a learn a new program, because there are a lot of differences between the two, though I will say that not paying $30 a month for the privilege of the program crashing is kinda nice.

Upcoming Squadron Pack releases!

Finally, I am sure you are all aware, but the new X-Wing squadron packs are slated to release at the end of the month on March 26th! A few of the highlights listed below:

Phoenix Squadron

will release with two A-Wings and a Prototype Blade Wing (B-Wing) model it will also have:

  • Ahsoka Tano as an i5, 3 force having A-Wing pilot with the ability to grant maneuvers for 2 force
  • Hera Syndulla as an i6 B-Wing pilot and i6 A-Wing pilot, with the ability to share a focus, evade or lock token
  • Wedge Antilles in an A-Wing, with his signature defense destroying ability
  • as well as Shara Bey, Derek Klivian and Sabine Wren (A-Wing), the Starbird Slash
  • and the Vectored Cannons ability that lets A-wings shoot backwards and boost or rotate during the system phase

Skystrike Academy

will feature two blood striped TIE Interceptors as well as a TIE Defender Elite model as well as:

  • Darth Vader (i6) in a TIE Defender. While he can’t use force for defense, he can use them to change blanks into hits
  • Commandant Goran (i4) in an Interceptor, with the power to grant red focus actions to ships who bump
  • Nash Windrider (i2) an Interceptor pilot who can let a ship at range 0-3 shoot at the current initiative before dying
  • as well as Ciena Ree, the first i6 with a downside, Vult Skerris, and the Disciplined Talent that allows ships to barrel roll or target lock if a friendly is killed within range 3
  • finally the TIE Defender Elite and Sensitive Controls configurations, that allow Interceptors to boost/barrel roll during the systems phase, and the TIE Defender to lose Full throttle and increase difficulty on K-turns to gain a powerful double tap primary attack after shooting a missile or a cannon if you have a lock.

Last but not least, we have…

Fugitives & Collaborators

for the scum which has 2 Y-wings and a HWK-290 in a brooding black and grey color scheme. It contains:

  • Kanan Jarrus (i3) as a force wielding HWK-290 pilot who can shield allies by reducing attack dice.
  • Arliz Hadrassian (i4) in a Y-Wing, who can change a focus result to a crit while damaged, but must also change a focus to a blank when defending.
  • Gamut Key (i3) in a HWK, who can spend 2 recurring charges to keep circular tokens from being removed at the end phase (focus, calculate, jam, tractor, disarm)
  • as well as several Y-Wing pilots with a tech slot, Hondo Ohnaka and Gamut Key crew, concussion bombs and more
  • finally Scum gain access to the Cutthroat talent which allows a pilot to remove a red or orange token or recover a non recurring charge on their ship or equipped upgrades when a friendly ship is destroyed at range 0-3
  • Possibly most excitingly is the fact that Scum & Villainy ships will now be hireable by all other factions in Epic games via two Command cards.

Lotta things to be excited for coming up…

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