X-Wing Storage Dividers v2

This is version 2 of my X-Wing storage dividers project. The last one was posted in March and lacked ship symbols for the most recent releases, and a bunch of other ships. These dividers will fit any standard card storage boxes, but are pictured in the BCW card storage boxes that many local game stores sell. They can be trimmed down easily if you need smaller, but they are a bit big since those boxes have wiggle room for sleeved cards.

The sheets are divided over two documents, if you want to get fancy and use variegated colors like I did, you can change colors based on factions or alternate colors between pages.

The dividers are set to print at exact size on US Letter sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper. You can also have them scale to fit onto an A4 sized paper and they will just have a little more wiggle room than they would otherwise. They should be printed single sided on cardstock or they will fall apart really quickly, and cannot be used to sort through your cards easily.

After printing you will need to cut all the dividers out, and you can fold over the ship labels (and glue them if you want). They will then fit nicely into your boxes.

I have provided a list of what is on what pages below:

Upgrades + OT Factions – 13 pages

  • Pages 1-4: Upgrades (Use a different color for each page)
  • Pages 5-7: Imperial (Page 7 also has the CR90, Raider & Gozanti)
  • Pages 8-9: Rebel
  • Page 10: Multifaction (this page also has the z95, ARC-170, an extra TIE/ln and GR-75)
  • Pages 11-13: Scum & Villainy

Download Here:


Prequel + Sequel Factions – 6 pages

  • Page1: CIS
  • Page 2: Republic
  • Page 3: Republic & CIS (sorry, there just aren’t a lot of ships, you can print this twice if you need separate colors)
  • Page 4-5: Resistance (also 5 blanks because there are 7 Resistance Ships)
  • Page 6: First Order

Download Here:


I hope that these dividers are useful for people. They certainly have made things much easier for me. For myself, who owns the conversion kits for all 3 OT factions, as well as a dozen or so 2.0 ships, a 500 count BCW box was big enough for all of my upgrades, and a second 500 count box was more than enough for all my Pilot/Ship cards, with room for at least 2 more factions. This assumes that you will not store more than 5 or so of any upgrade in the box though. I have an overflow box for stuff I might give away, because in general you don’t need more than 5 of an upgrade.

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