Summer 2020 X-Wing Miniatures Survey Infographics

After several weeks and quite a few announcements, which made portions of the survey a bit more irrelevant, we finally are releasing the Summer 2020 X-Wing Miniatures Survey!

I cannot thank everyone enough for participating, as we hit an absolutely amazing 1,089 responses!

This survey hit topics ranging from X-Wing community engagement, COVID-19 opinions, Collection size, favorite play styles, opinions on the Force mechanic, online play during COVID-19 and more. It has been quite an undertaking, so much so that I am likely going to be doing a smaller, less complicated survey in the Fall. If anyone is feeling particularly generous, I do have a tipjar at, which I will probably use to buy more tiny plastic spaceships.

Finally, the Friday Night X-Wing blog has its own Discord server now if you wish to discuss the information found here, we even have a channel now dedicated to Surveys and people can help brainstorm the next one that will be releasing in a month or so. To join go to:

So without further ado, here are the charts!

A Note to all X-Wing Miniatures Content Creators:

You are free to use any of the statistics found on these infographics for your own publications and creations provided you link back to the relevant posts on the Friday Night X-Wing blog. This data has been collected from X-Wing community, by the community and for the use of the community as a whole, and I encourage its use and discussion. I do ask that content creators do not just copy whole sections of my charts on their own site, as a lot of work went into making all of these, and you can use the data without copy/pasting my work onto your own blogs.

I will not be publishing the entire dataset from the surveys, but if you are curious about certain statistics or correlations, please do feel free to contact me on the Friday Night X-Wing discord server, ( ) or other places, and I can see about pulling the relevant data out.
If anyone is feeling particularly generous, I also have a tip jar at:

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