Super Star Wars-io Kart!

Hello there, yet again readers, been awhile since we on the blog have made an update, so I figure I would share what I am currently working on, (besides the massive Rebel Cell update). A little simple homebrew racing format for casual play!

Recently I had a session with my Rebel Cell group where the players entered into a race against a bunch of pirates. I had worked on a ruleset for a Mario Kart styled race system, but unfortunately my computer just kinda… crashed. We basically used the setup I have posted here though, just without an actual printup or roll tables created.

For the ships in the race, we had all the players but one in “rented” Z-95s with a hull upgrade installed, as well as a slightly nerfed version of the Burnout SLAM installed. The final player used a Quadjumper, and managed to keep pace through the two laps of the Death Race, upsetting many other competitors with his Tractor Beam. We also had no respawning allowed, but for the purposes of the campaign I allowed a guaranteed escape pod ejection. The rules I have posted DO allow for respawns though. I am considering asking my players if they are interested in another race for this week’s session, so hopefully I will get a chance to playtest more.

One final note: DO NOT USE 9 SHIPS. It took forever, even with giving a 2 turn head start to the slowest ships and a 1 turn head start to the Z-95s. It was fun seeing that a third of the ships died in lap 1, but it was tedious until that happened. It is also probably for the best that if you play this game mode, you restrict ship choices to keep things balanced, and possibly allow no upgrades except what may be needed to help with balance.

If anyone has questions, comments, suggestions etc, I am looking to make a slightly more polished version of these rules if I can playtest them some more/have other people playtest. I am considering having all the players in an T-65 X-wing for the next test.

Fly casual, friends.

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