The Grey: a.k.a. Death Star Terrain

Hey, folks! Here’s a quick counterpart to our Battle of Yavin scenario. A lot of people have purchased Death Star game mats/tiles, but a lot of us (myself included) just have to cobble together some stuff for Death Star scenarios. Personally, while the trench run is classic, I can’t justify the expense of a mat that’s so single-purpose. So, here are some cheaper, versatile alternatives.

The go-to tool in my gaming prop arsenal is something you likely already have — a grey bedsheet. I use it for Death Stars, moons, space stations, industrial cityscapes, you name it. It’s the perfect neutral backdrop, and it protects your table while you play. If you don’t have one, check eBay, Amazon, and local dollar stores — you can often find sets for as little as $5 USD. Bedsheets can also easily be patterned with a space station effect by laying down a bunch of paper squares and misting the sheet with a light coat of lighter or darker grey. Do this several times and you’ll get a cool paneling effect.

Next up, of course, is the ubiquitous Death Star Turbolaser Tower. We all know about the pretty but expensive¬†Gale Force 9 offerings. There are also plenty of 3D-printed ones on Shapeways and Etsy, of varying quality and similar price. You may also know about the beautiful one included in the Bandai A-wing kit, but it’s a hefty price tag. Personally, I love these cheap Hot Wheels towers. They require some surgery to free from the base, but for the price, it’s worth a little sweat. I have a handful myself sitting on the workbench. To make it even better, it comes with a flat piece that comes off for the thermal exhaust port! Free token!

Because I made my towers before the Hot Wheels sets were produced, my personal towers come from this old Micro Machines set:


When you add on some old keyboard keys with some model parts lying around, you get:


And then with some paint, sitting on my favorite grey bedsheet:


Until next time, fly casual!


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